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Big attention

Inflatable objects can pose big. Our building material is air, and there is plenty of it around. Be huge and make yourself visible!

Fantastic shapes

Alice in Wonderland must have had inflatable objects with her. We can create round, spiral, cheerful and detailed objects.  Big, wild, crazy or just elegant. But always fantastic.


Are you looking for something that doesn't yet exist? With air we can build crazy solutions. With innovations, curiosity and technical knowledge we develop inflatable innovations together with you.

Are you looking for an inflatable solution? This is how we can help you:


As soon as we know your vision and ideas, we will advise you on feasibility, present you with possible solutions and discuss the costs. We make suggestions and model your vision into a real object. Together we select the materials and define the colour layout.



Our passion.  If you have ideas or vague imaginations, we are happy to shape them for you. On paper, in a digital model or as a prototype. There is still much to discover! We will support you during this process. 



Production begins with planning on the computer. On the CAD system we construct the object in three dimensions and determine the seams in such a way that we obtain the optimum cutting pattern.



With the cutting data we feed a large plotter, which cuts the individual puzzle pieces. The individual parts are then sewn or welded together to form a complete object. With a lot of air we breathe life into the shell and within seconds your vision unfolds from a pile of foil!



You will receive from us a finished, cleanly packed product with all accessories and ready for immediate use! The object can now unfold its full effect on you, whether as a prop on your stage, as a tent and eye-catcher at your event or as an inflatable object for an exhibition. If you need further support, we are usually only a few hours away. 


Would you like to make air history with us? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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