Inflatable Brain

Opera "Einstein on the Beach", Dortmund, Germany

The opera "Einstein on the Beach" with music by Phil Glass was orchestrated at the Theater Dortmund in 2017. In the middle of the three-and-a-half-hour monumental work stands a large inflatable brain, which was carried (or rather worn) by an actress.

We were very proud that we were chosen to create this sophisticated inflatable costume. 

Costumes: Monika Ulrich

Costumer: Opera Dortmund, Germany

Photos: Thomas M. Jauck und Monika Ulrich


Mona Ulrich, Stage Designer Opera Dortmund
Production: "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass

With all the offers in Germany and Switzerland, Luft & Laune was by far the most appealing partner, professional work, with a very high standard, super communication. 

I wanted the world's best brain and I got it from Luft & Laune! I will definitely do this again!


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