Vacuum projection bubble 3D

Exhibition Heimat, Stapferhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland


The team of the Stapferhaus in Lenzburg has been creating fantastic exhibitions on current topics for 20 years. For the exhibition "Heimat", a dome-shaped room for a 360-degree projection was sought. 

The requirements were perfect for a new innovation: the Vacuum Bubble! Instead of air pressure inside, for the first time ever in an exhibition we vacuumed the air around the bubble and brought it into shape with negative pressure!

An innovation that worked perfectly. The audience could now enter the room without the usual air gates. 

The room bubble called Uterus thus provided a perfect entrance to a fascinating exhibition.

Scenography: Alain Rappaport, Rappaport Szenography Architectur GmbH

Customer: Stapferhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland


Lukas Steiner,

Project Collaborator and Site Manager

Stapferhaus Lenzburg

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